CAS NO 171596-29-5 (TADALAFIL)

CAS NO 171596-29-5 TADALAFIL

Tadalafil is used to treat erectile dysfunction and cases of enlarged prostrate in patients. It is also used to treat hypertension in certain cases. This drug has a unique serial number which is CAS NO 171596-29-5.  CAS stands for Chemical Abstract Services which essentially refers to a globally recognised system to identify all registered chemical substances in the world. This database is managed by the ACS (American Chemical Society) which contains upto 250 million chemical substances registered across the globe to date. The main task of the collection of this data is to provide an updated and verified wealth of information for all chemical substances to all concerned parties engaged in research, re-engineering, and other technological innovations.


Verdant Life Sciences is a leading tadalafil manufacturer along with a wide range of other APIs and Intermediates in its offering. Incorporated in 2008 intending to make quality drugs accessible to all, we have come a long way since then with our presence in 18 countries worldwide. We are an ISO 9001:20015, KFDA, WHO GMP, WCC, and cGMP certified company which solidifies our stand as a quality-driven company. We ensure all our resources are in shipshape so we can maintain the integrity of our products right from the scratch. In case you present the drug to us as CAS NO 171596-29-5 or its assigned name tadalafil, we have the right means to identify it correctly and put it to task for delivering high-efficacy drugs for all medical applications.

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