CAS NO 124750-99-8 (LOSARTAN)

CAS NO : 124750-99-8 (LOSARTAN)

Losartan, also identified as CAS NO 124750-99-8, is a medical drug used to treat high blood pressure and various forms of heart ailments. It helps in reducing blood pressure by allowing a consistent passage of blood through the artery which in turn minimises the risk of heart attack or a stroke. CAS stands for Chemical Abstract Services which acts as a source of chemical information. The information is indexed, summarised, and assigned to identify specific chemicals or mixtures. It is a globally recognised database of chemicals for identification and extraction used by organisations, medical institutions, and regulatory bodies among others. 


Companies like Verdant Life Sciences refer to such databases to extract the necessary information to perform their tasks. This system provides the highest levels of accuracy when pharmaceutical companies develop drugs for a range of applications. So, whether you identify it as Losartan or CAS NO 124750-99-8, it is always advised to compare the source of information before we go any further with the production of the drug for the sake of the safety and accuracy of the task. At Verdant Life Sciences, we take care to ensure each step of the process is taken with the greatest of care including referring and indexing drugs before we initiate production. With over 15 years dedicated to the trade, one of our defining qualities as a top manufacturer of lifesaving drugs is our adherence to all quality mandates and regulations.

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