Telmisartan manufacturers in India

Verdant Life Sciences is one of the most sought-after telmisartan manufacturers in India. We will tell you why:


  • A fast-moving company with almost fifteen years dedicated to the trade
  • Catering to the medical needs of almost 20 countries for multiple medical institutions as their clients
  • A host of certifications from numerous regulatory bodies such as ISO 9001:2015, KFDA, WHO GMP, WCC, and cGMP to name a few
  • Investing time in improving capabilities and committing to deadlines
  • Help build a business eco-system that puts patients’ well-being first and delivers high-efficacy drugs year after year


With easier access to medical services, the demand for telmisartan manufacturers in India along with a host of other life-saving drugs has shot up drastically in recent years. While most companies engaged in this line of work have paid their due and made a mark for themselves in the market, few can compare to the calibre of Verdant Life Sciences. 


In addition to having acquired vast knowledge of the trade, what truly sets us apart is our resolute commitment to our clients and patients. Our goal as one of the most reputed telmisartan manufacturers in India is not only to meet our annual revenue goals but to provide medical institutions with our clinically-tested drugs for a fraction of the cost while maintaining the highest levels of efficacy and safety. 

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