Irbesartan manufacturers in India

There are various well-established irbesartan manufacturers in India that cater to both domestic and international clients for a wide range of medical requirements.


 Irbesartan is a wide-application drug used to treat blood pressure and heart ailments. It lowers the blood pressure of the user which in turn helps in minimising the risk of heart attack and stroke. A large percentage of ailments in adults revolves around the heart for a multitude of reasons. Quite naturally, irbesartan manufacturers in India are always in high demand and hard-pressed to manufacture top-quality drugs for multiple clients year after year. 


Introducing Verdant Life Sciences, an industry-leading manufacturer and distributor of APIs and Intermediates for all major pharmaceutical companies in India and abroad. Since our inception in 2008, we have changed the landscape of the industry gradually over the years directing our efforts at creating a more sustainable business ecosystem that prioritises its clients and patients.

 All our products are made only from the best raw materials sourced from trusted suppliers. In addition to having a robust production system, we stringently adhere to multiple quality regulations which include ISO 9001:20015, KFDA, WHO GMP, WCC, and cGMP, etc. This alone is more than sufficient to vouch for our expertise, insight, and commitment to the trade. With Verdant Life Sciences at your side, you not only get the services of a top irbesartan manufacturer in India but also a long-term partner that will help you to meet your potential and amplify your effort to create a healthier world.

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