CAS NO 78-44-4

Carisoprodol is a muscle relaxant that blocks the sensation of pain that is generated between the nerves and the brain. It is used alongside physical therapy to treat pain and injury that the body might have suffered. In the medical field, this drug is also identified as CAS NO 78-44-4 – CAS stands for Chemical Abstract Services which in simple words is a unique system to identify specific chemical substances and mixtures. The purpose of this system is to create a globally accepted means of codifying all existing chemicals for ease of reference and high levels of accuracy. Medical companies, health professionals, and regulatory bodies refer to this database for all reference purposes for a wide range of tasks. 


Verdant Life Sciences is among the top manufacturers of Carisoprodol in the market along with an impressive portfolio of various lifesaving drugs. Founded in 2008, we aim to establish ourselves as a company that puts its effort into achieving the highest levels of quality, consistency and innovation. It starts right from identifying the chemical compound based on the unique identifier such as CAS NO 78-44-4 and acquiring all its information before initiating production. From a security and safety standpoint, this makes absolute sense since the information will be generated from a vetted source before it is transformed into a drug for medical purposes.

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