CAS NO 151257-01-1 (IRBESARTÁN)

CAS NO 151257-01-1 irbesartan

CAS NO 151257-01-1 is a unique serial number assigned to a drug called irbesartan. This drug is used to cure hypertension in patients by blocking the actions of a specific chemical that makes the blood vessels tighter. This helps in even passage of blood by easing pressure on the blood vessel. The serial number assigned to the drug is a part of a larger database that collects all information regarding all known chemical substances in the world. This database is managed by the American Chemical Society. The purpose of this body is to provide its stakeholders with a centrally controlled database for at least 250 million registered chemical substances in the world for various research and industrial applications. This system is particularly useful to production companies, medical institutions, and regulatory bodies.


Verdant Life Sciences goes that extra mile to ensure all the information sources are vetted and accurate down to the dot. Whether you provide us with the serial number such as CAS NO 151257-01-1 or its given name irbesartan, we have the right resource to identify the substance and all its relevant information so we can deliver drugs which are safe and effective.

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