CAS NO 144690-92-6 (OLMESARTAN)

CAS NO 144690-92-6 Olmesartan

CAS NO 144690-92-6 is a unique serial number for a drug called olmesartan. This drug is used to prevent high blood pressure and prevents the occurrence of stroke, heart attack, and kidney problems. The main purpose of the serial number is to create a unique identification for the drug so all the information relating to it can be indexed in a global database. CAS stands for Chemical Abstract Services; it is operated by a team of scientists and researchers whose sole focus is to manage the huge database and make it accessible to everyone. This database is mainly used by organisations, medical institutions, and regulatory bodies among others for fact-checking and ensuring the right information is at hand such as CAS NO 144690-92-6 which coincides with olmesartan.


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