CAS NO 144689-63-4 (Olmesartan)

CAS NO : 144689-63-4 Olmesartan

CAS No. 144689-63-4, also associated with a chemical named Olmesartan, is a numeric identifier that allows users to link to a specific chemical substance. In simple words, think of it as an ID card with a specific code that is linked to the concerned individual. The main purpose of this database is to provide the highest levels of safety and accuracy of all the unique chemical substances that have been indexed to date on a global scale for scientists, industries, and regulatory bodies. Upto April 2021, 250 million unique chemical substances have been registered by CAS. 


 Olmesartan is a drug used to treat high blood pressure, heart failure, and kidney problems in patients. With increased cases of heart ailments over the recent decades, the demand for this drug has also been on a steady rise over the years. Several pharmaceutical companies in India specialise in the production of olmesartan along with a wide range of other life-saving drugs for various medical applications. Companies engaged in this line of work identify these drugs with the CAS registration to ensure the accuracy of information. CAS No. 144689-63-4, also identified as Olmesartan, are one of the many APIs used in the production of various drugs particularly to counter heart ailments along with issues associated with blood pressure and kidney failure.

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